Student-to-student initiative

CAA Perth 2013 Organising Committee is promoting a “student-to-student” initiative, which encourages Perth-based student delegates to host a student from around Australia or overseas while the visiting student is attending CAA Perth 2013. This initiative offers local, interstate and international student delegates an excellent occasion to foster professional networking opportunities amongst students. It has also been developed as a way to assist both the visiting and host student to reduce their conference expenditure.

The initiative involves a student based in Perth to offer to host an interstate or overseas student who is attending CAA 2013. This is a great opportunity to help out the student who is visiting Perth and who is attending the CAA conference.

The host student will be entitled to a 20% discount on their early bird or full registration fee (whichever fee they have to pay at the time they register). The students being hosted will be able to save on accommodation expenses during the conference and have a ‘host’ for the duration of the conference who could assist them with information, directions, tips, getting around, and receiving advice on what attractions to visit around Perth and Fremantle or around Western Australia. The visiting students will still be expected to cover their own living expenses such as transport, meals and other expenses during their stay. The student being hosted is not entitled to a discount in their registration fee, as they will be saving on accommodation costs already.

The purpose of this initiative is to encourage the forming of national and international links between students while providing a great opportunity to form friendships and professional contacts that may last through their careers. The CAA 2013 Organising committee would like to encourage students to consider hosting a student, and for visiting student delegates to consider participating in this initiative as a way to formulate new contacts and friendships.

All offers for hosting a student must go through the CAA 2013 committee for registration discounts to be valid.

For more information or if you wish to host a student or want to be hosted by a Perth-based student, please contact the Student-to-student initiative coordinators at: