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CAA 2013 Post-conference tour: 29 March 2013

Rottnest Island (Wadjemup) Tour: archaeology and ocean views

The TOUR in now full but please contact Joe Dortch ( to be put on a waiting list should space become available.

Rottnest Island SwimRottnest Island

This one-day post-conference tour will travel to Rottnest Island, 19 km off Perth, a well-known holiday and snorkelling destination that is also significant for its Aboriginal and European heritage.

The tour will begin with information about the significance of the island to Aboriginal people. With archaeologist Charlie Dortch, retired curator of archaeology from the WA Museum, who has generously offered to guide the tour, the tour will then visit artefact find sites in the island’s complex calcarenite (dune limestone) stratigraphy.

The tour will break for a cafe lunch in the historic “Settlement” and after lunch visit historic sites from the prison period in and near the Settlement. Options for such sites and the historic shipwrecks trail are being explored. As these sites are next to beaches, please bring swimming gear if you are inclined to swim.

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CAA 2013 Pre-conference tour: 23-24 March 2013

Australia's South West Tour: archaeology, coastal landscapes and wine touring

DUE TO LOW NUMBERS, WE REGRET TO ANNOUNCE THAT THIS PRE-CONFERENCE ORGANISED TOUR IS CANCELLED. However a private tour with same destinations is being organised by Prof J. Dortch. If you are interested please contact Prof J. Dortch via email (click the more info link below).

Quininup Brook Quininup Brook, Margaret River

This two day tour of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste region in the south-western corner of WA begins with a visit to the highly significant Late Pleistocene occupation sites at Devil's Lair and Tunnel Cave. Archaeologists and Wardandi (Noongar) Traditional Owners will speak about the region's Indigenous heritage and archaeological significance.

On day two the tour will move on to other cave sites and finish with visits to important open sites located on the region's stunning coastline. There will be opportunities to visit wineries and enjoy bushwalks and beaches.

Caves of south-western Australia, special cultural places for Noongar traditional owners, contain exceptional archaeological records in stunning natural settings. In this two-day tour with traditional owners, we’ll view the 50,000 year occupation sequence represented by Devil’s Lair, Tunnel Cave and other sites, and visit the world-famous Margaret River wineries and coastline.

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CAA 2013 Post-conference tour: 29 March 2013

Walyunga National Park and Swan Valley Tour: archaeology and wine tasting


Walyunga National Park Walyunga National Park, Western Australia

This one day tour of the Walyunga National Park at the confluence of the Avon and Swan Rivers begins with a visit to the highly significant occupation sites on the edge of the Darling Scarp, a low escarpment running north-south to the east of the Swan Coastal Plain and Perth. Archaeologists and Traditional Owners (Noongar) will speak about the region's Indigenous heritage and archaeological significance.

Archaeological sites in river terraces and foothills below the Darling Scarp, just east of Perth, reveal Aboriginal occupation and responses to environmental changes from at least 38,000 years ago. This one-day tour with Noongar traditional owners includes the Walyunga open site located in a scenic national park, Pleistocene river terraces, and Swan Valley vineyards.

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Other sightseeing opportunities

Wave Rock Wave Rock, Western Australia

For delegates interested in travelling after the conference there is the opportunity to join a one week trip informally organised by Ian Johnson to get out and see some of the Western Australian 'bush'. The trip will probably head up the coast to Geraldton and Shark Bay, then loop inland past various nature reserves and the spectacular Wave Rock.

It will be organised more or less at-cost, and will be tailored to the participants' interests, from minibus & motels to 4WD & camping. Participants will return the following weekend.

Potential participants can email Ian Johnson [] who will send further details.

One car will join the trip for just 2 days (with return to Perth international airport on Sunday 31 at 2pm). There is room for one or two people to join this car. Please email Ian Johnson for more information.

WA Tours

Shark Bay

WA Tours


WA Tours


WA Tours

Shark Bay Coastline


Please note: this other sightseeing opportunity is not part of the CAA conference and, as such, is not covered by Conference insurance. Delegates are encouraged to acquire their own travel insurance.


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