CAA’s Got Talent!

That’s how Graeme Earl from our hosts at Southampton described our Tuesday night event.

Think of it as an open stage night for any CAA participant to step up and strut their stuff. It might be singing or playing a song, reciting poetry, stand-up comedy, mime, creative dance or performance painting. Personally, I’d love to see/hear some of your national culture brought to our stage; Italian Renaissance dance, an Olde English madrigal, poignant Japanese Haiku or Aussies with “tinnies” in their hands reciting The Man From Snowy River. I think we could even accommodate political debate (please provide your own opponent) and would absolutely encourage humorous tete-a-tete’s on Archaeological Theory. Heck, can you make balloon animals, maybe? Let me assure you that any of these extraordinary talents will be interesting to at least a few of the people seated near the stage, so …


I said “stage”, didn’t I? It’s more likely to simply be the corner of the cafeteria, but there WILL be alcohol served (which will make you look/sound better) and I’ve heard a whisper that certain CAA Committee members will contribute (which will make you look MUCH better). With your help to make it a totally weird, wonderful and amazing night, it could just end up becoming part of CAA legend where, in the future, you will be able to proudly tell all newcomers … “I was there!”

P.S. There will be microphones and some musical instruments for your use. Looks like I’m coordinating this event (ha!) so please drop me a line about what you’d like to contribute! Or with any questions you might have.

Geoff Avern

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