Authors’ Instructions

Forms of Publication

The CAA Proceedings will be published within one year of the conference by Amsterdam University Press (AUP) under the imprint of Pallas Publications. The CAA Proceedings consist of a printed version that will only contain the 50 papers that were ranked highest by the CAA Review College when first submitted (25th June). All accepted papers will however be available online, and as downloadable .pdf-files through the Open Access facilities provided by AUP.

The printed version of the CAA Proceedings will be sent to all members who have checked this option when registering. The CAA Proceedings can also be ordered using the Printing On Demand services of AUP.


Your manuscript will be reviewed by members of the CAA Review College. This will include a check for English language. At least one of the reviewers will be a native English speaker. If the quality of English means that the content of the paper cannot properly be assessed then the paper will be rejected immediately.

Reviewed papers can receive one of four possible recommendations:

  • accept as is;
  • accept with minor revision (including English language, referencing and formatting);
  • accept with major revision (including English language, referencing and formatting);
  • reject.

In the case of acceptance with minor or major revisions, you will receive the reviewers’ comments that will help you to improve your manuscript and a brief comment on referencing and formatting. Papers requiring major revisions must be accompanied by a brief statement of how the comments have been addressed. A rejected manuscript cannot be resubmitted.

The following fundamental selection criteria are used:

  • the paper’s academic standard;
  • its consistency of content;
  • its clarity of style;
  • quality and relevance of illustrations.

A full description of the review process, including the membership of the Review College, is given on the CAA website.

Timeline For Publication Caa2012

Submission of papers 1 July 2012
Papers sent out for review 1 July 2012
Notification of acceptance/rejection 10 September 2012
Submission of revised papers 4 November 2012
Proof copies sent to authors 31 December 2012
Authors submission of camera ready papers 14 January 2013
Papers sent to publisher 20 January 2013
Proceedings published 20 March 2013

Guidelines for Paper Submission

Please read carefully Due to the high number of email correspondance, we are unable to reply to queries already covered by the instructions

NOTE: If you did not present in CAA2012, you are not entitled to a submission for CAA2012 proceedings

Paper Length

If your paper is submitted as a long paper at CAA2012, your manuscript should not be longer than 5,000 words excluding abstract, key words, figures, tables and bibliography. If it is submitted as a short paper, the limit is 3,000 words. You are free to choose which type of paper to submit irrespective of your presentation type at CAA2012 (Long, Short, Poster).

Authors and Affiliation

All names and affiliations must be removed before submitting your papers

Abstract and Keywords

Provide an abstract for your paper of 150 words maximum. Provide 3-5 keywords describing the contents of your paper.


  • Submit your text single-spaced, in 11-point Times New Roman Word Document. Please set paper size to A4 portrait with 2.5 cm margins on all sides.
  • Avoid all formatting. There are not templates to use.
  • Please do not indent the beginnings of paragraphs.
  • Provide clear headings where necessary, indicated by a number (i.e. 1 Heading Level One, 1.1 Heading Level Tw0).
  • The use of both bulleted and numbered lists is allowed.
  • Spelling should conform to British practice and follow the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Submit tables, diagrams, figures etc. in separate files. These should be numbered consecutively; indicate in the text where exactly you want these to be inserted.
  • Submit figures and diagrams in their original format and not as a Word file.
  • Add a separate list for tables, diagrams, figures, graphs, maps, etc.
  • Create tables by using tabs (as little as possible), and not by using space.


Follow the Chicago style of formatting (author-date system).
If you are using the Mendeley referencing system please make sure that you have chosen the Chicago Manual of Style (Author-Date format).
If you are using EndNote you should download the Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition B.


Note that the printed version of the CAA Proceedings will have black and white images only. The online version of the CAA Proceedings can have colour versions of the images, but be sure that all of your colour images are usable when converted to greyscale.

All images must be at least 600 dpi and either 8-bit greyscale or RGB. Please use either .jpg, .tiff or .eps files. Please verify that all images are the correct size: images must be less than 16 cm wide and 24.7 cm high.

If you are submitting images, tables or any other files as supplementary to your submission (step 4), make sure to ckeck the box ”Present file to reviewers (without metadata), as it will not compromise blind review”. In any other case, your supplementary files cannot be made available to the reviewers and therefore your submission will not be properly reviewed.

Copyright Release Form

Upon acceptance of the manuscript, all authors must fill in and sign the copyright release form. This includes co-authors.

The signed and scanned form should be attached as a supplementary file along with your final submission.

Download the Copyright Form for CAA 2012 in PDF-format or in DOCX-format.

Contact Details

*Please Note: Due to the high number of email correspondance, we are unable to reply to queries already covered by the instructions

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